Season 1

Episode 1: I’m Not Lazy | Ali talks about not being able to have a job because of depression and anxiety.
Episode 2: Depression and Social Anxiety | Ali talks about living with depression and social anxiety in the past and on a daily basis.
Episode 3: Battling Addiction w/ special guest Kayla McKern | Special guest Kayla McKern talks about battling with polysubstance abuse.
Episode 4: Getting Help Is Okay! w/ special guest Kayla McKern | Guest Kayla McKern talks about her mental health journey and that it’s okay to get help for your mental health. To read Kayla’s blog post on my website, go to
Episode 5: I Didn’t Talk For 13 Years | Ali talks about overcoming selective mutism and being bullied because of it throughout her school years.
Episode 6: My Stays In A Mental Hospital | Ali talks about her stays in a mental hospital.
Episode 7: Black Lives Matter | Ali explains why we have to stop being complacent in our fight for our fellow human beings.
Episode 8: Communication | Ali talks about the importance of communication when talking with others who don’t suffer from mental illness, as well as the communication with someone who says its “all in our heads.”
Episode 9: Being A Mental Health Advocate | Ali talks about being a mental health advocate and how you can become one.
Episode 10: 20 Questions | In episode 10, the final episode in season 1, Ali has some fun and answers some questions about herself, her career, and the podcast.